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About Wake Up Jamaica

Francesc and Josep founded Wake Up Jamaica in 2018. United by their passion for Jamaican oldies, they agreed there was a lack of original Jamaican sounds in Barcelona’s reggae scene, therefore decided to do something about it.

When they started, both already had a small collection of singles, so they continued buying original records for their sessions. Ska, rocksteady and early reggae are the sounds they love and always carry with them.

Their beginning was hard, playing their records almost every weekend in different clubs, bars and venues. During the first year, they founded two clubs; Wake Up Sidecar (at famous club Sidecar) and Rudies Don’t Fear at the New Underground, which unfortunately shut down recently. Also, they took over another club, Skanking LaGorda in LaGorda Beer Factory, a popular brewpub.

They have been invited to play their records in different Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Valencia or Zaragoza, and all over the Catalan territory. Furthermore, they have been in charge of the after parties of some international bands and artists, like Keith & Tex, The Aggrolites or Cock Sparrer.

What they enjoy the most is sharing their favourite songs and artists with the audience and making people dance and enjoy the sweet Jamaican beat.

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