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Sunday 10:00 pm trending_flat 12:00 am

About Afrogrooves

DJ Afrogrooves has been collecting vinyl since the seventies and has deep knowledge and a wide-ranging collection of all genres of Black Music including Soul and Reggae as well as the aforementioned styles. He chooses to focus on the above genres as he believes the music has an important message that needs to be heard, and is as relevant today as it was when it was made – if not more so – and with the extended show, he gets the chance to stretch out and deliver the tracks in their full glory. Afrogroove has gained significant experience in radio broadcast and is an attribute to Hale London.

Afrogrooves is the go-to show if you want to hear the deepest Jazz, Latin, Afro, African and Spoken Word music that leans heavily on the spiritual traditions of ‘Black Power’ and the ‘Freedom Now’ movements. Get set for three hours of emotionally charged, pure unadulterated grooves that are guaranteed to stir your soul and set you up for the week ahead.

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