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Digging the Underground Show

Digging the Underground

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Monday 4:00 pm trending_flat 6:00 pm

About Digging the Underground

Digging the Underground is a female-led radio show where you can listen in on a conversation between Lola and Raph – 2 music lovers with opinions to share on their favourite underground tracks. 
We’ve created a space where we explore new releases, play exclusive mixes and interview both up-and-coming and established artists – including Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Subculture Sage, Satl, and Coco Bryce.

Every episode has us coming with a stack of notes which we use to pull apart each track, analysing the samples used and the influences and backstory behind the making of the song. We want to act as a platform where new artists can share their music and we are committed to amplifying the voices of those who are underrepresented within the underground music community so please get in touch if you want us to air your track on the show – we’d love to hear it!

Tune in for your (bi)weekly hour of big tunes that will get you dancing, mixes and interviews from the DJs you know, and conversation from two girls who want to share the tracks they’ve been loving with you

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