Easy Skanking

DJ Arty & Master Lee

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Sunday 8:00 am trending_flat 10:00 am

About DJ Arty

Started DJing professionally in 1976 as a mobile DJ under the name of RoadRunner Disco. Doing Birthdays Weddings, Christmas and Divorce Parties. I then started doing resident work at Valentino’s In Tottenham on their CB night in 1982, I then got the Friday and Saturday Night slots. I left there in 1984, to carry on with the mobile side of DJing. In 2006 I added Karaoke to the repitore and my 2 sons and a friend who now co-hosts this show with me, to become firstly ASL Disco & Karaoke then ASL SoundSystem. I joined Back2Backfm a little over 2 years ago Doing the 2-4 slot on wednesday’s known as the Royalty Soul Sessions, earlier this year I teamed up with Master Lee to do the Easy Skanking Show on Sunday mornings 8-10. Master Lee and myself have great fun doing the show as we bounce off each other and his enthusiasm is second to none.

About Master Lee

Hi Guys, I’m Master Lee for music resulted in me joining a band called Room 9 singing rock music we released an album in 2013 and headlined The Kentish Town HMV Forum. A lover and geek of all forms of music, but with a real soft spot for Reggae due to my parents huge collection, I met DJ Arty in 2004 and spent a whole afternoon talking music after coming back to clean up his own mess at a birthday party for DJ Arty’s son.

From there, a friendship was born that turned into musical collaborations and discovery.
From DJing together for names such as Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols and Babyshambles, through to attending every possible soul gig together in the heart of London Town, I learned so much from DJ Arty and continues to do so, spending at least once a year playing records and drinking throughout a whole summer’s day.
Getting the chance to host with DJ Arty has been a real joy, as well as learning even more about the beautiful reggae and ska sounds he was brought up hearing through old and rare vinyls.

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