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About Daddy Scorcher

Daddy Scorcher as a child growing up in Jamaica always played music and loved to play with a comb and paper to emulate the mouth organ.

My dad came to Wolverhampton in the late 1950’s when he decided to move to Leicester in the 1960’s where he played on his gram djing for the community and was known as the ‘Scorcher’ blowing away many big sound systems from all over the UK. Even Coxsone had Scorcher tune his sound system. Alongside Scorcher’s love of playing on the sound system, he also also played session work with the group The Mighty Diamonds.

Scorcher built a solid reputation as an accomplished musician and DJ, many record companies would give Scorcher music for promotion. The song ‘She’s Royal’ Scorcher was the man to make this song blow up. In addition he was the first person to use CD and Mini-Disc format on a big sound system. People would laugh, but this didn’t stop them still copying his style.

This show is in tribute to Daddy Scorcher –
RIP 2021.

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